Is The Program Available In My Area?


Our first level exam, Certified Beer Server, is 100% virtual. We have an international
version that eliminates questions about the structure of the US industry and states all temperatures in degrees C available for $69USD. We also have a Canadian specific version, also for $69USD. The training we have available for the Certified Beer Server Exam is also 100% virtual- International BeerSavvy is aimed at a US Market -but at the end of the training you take the International version of the CBS exam-the same goes for Canadian BeerSavvy.

Our second level exam, Certified Cicerone can also be taken by international students. We ask you sign a waiver that you live in a country other than the United States, and we take out the US law questions when calculating your score.
Candidates who live and work in Canada will take the Canadian Certified Cicerone exam, which has its own syllabus. Please check our current exam schedule to find an exam suitable for you.

Currently, our exams are only available in English.

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