CBS Self Study Resources

To become a Certified Beer Server, you must purchase and pass the 60-question exam found on our website. We do not require anyone to purchase or acquire anything else from our organization in order to become a Certified Beer Server.

However, to insure that the contents of the exam are not a complete mystery going in, we publish a free syllabus.  The syllabus does not teach you what you need to know to pass the exam, but it does identify what topics will be covered.

Many in the industry will have accumulated enough experience and knowledge to pass the exam without any study whatsoever. The syllabus is how you assess whether you are likely to be one of those people or whether you might need some additional studying before taking the exam.  It should also help you assess what areas you need to study.

Finally, after reading the syllabus, many individuals and organizations feel that they need to learn more about beer and beer service in order to pass the exam. Those just getting started in beer service--unless they have done a good bit of reading and tasting on their own--generally cannot pass the test without some prior study.

For anyone who wants help preparing, we offer a number of study resources presented on our website at the very top under the heading "Resources & Links".  

Many of these resources are free, some are inexpensive, and some are more costly depending on ease-of-use, delivery method, etc. Some of these come from us; some are available from other sources. If you wish to use any of these resources personally or for your staff, that is up to you. You can sort the resources by type of content, certification level, and syllabus area.

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