About the Certified Cicerone® Exam

Certified Cicerone® is the second level of certification. Those who achieve this certification have a deep and well-rounded knowledge of beer and beer service as well as competence in assessing beer quality and identity by taste. 

Prerequisites - Must have passed the Certified Beer Server exam. Candidates for this level of certification must be of legal drinking age. 

Exam Format & Components - Written exam with short answer and essay questions plus tasting and a demonstration component. A grade of 80% overall and at least 70% on the tasting portion are required to pass.

Exam Cost - Initial test: $395; Retake Tasting: $100; Retake Written: $175 

Initiating an Exam - Certified Cicerone® exams are scheduled throughout the US with occasional exams in Canada. See "Exam Schedule" for upcoming exams. To register go to the “My Account” page on this website.   

Knowledge Area Responsibilities - The Certified Cicerone® must have detailed knowledge of retail beer storage and service issues, excellent knowledge of modern beers and styles with some familiarity with beer history and historical styles, competence in identifying flawed beers and recognizing appropriate and in-appropriate flavors in modern beer styles, good understanding of the beer ingredients and familiarity with the brewing process and its common variations plus knowledge of beer pairing principles and the ability to recommend reasonable beer pairings for common foods. Consult the Certified Cicerone® Syllabus for a comprehensive catalog of the knowledge required. 

Preparation for the Exam - This is a challenging exam which requires substantial preparation. Use the Certified Cicerone® Syllabus to guide your preparations and pursue training and knowledge from a variety of sources. Please see our Recommended Resources at the bottom of the Certified Cicerone page for more information.

If You Receive a Passing Score
You will receive a results email from chris@cicerone.org with your scores, then:
  • Your status will be changed on the roster.
  • We send you out a lapel pin, an iron-on patch, and a certificate via USPS First Class mail (to the address on your profile.) Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.*
*In the event your pin/patch is returned as undeliverable, we ask you provide a valid mailing address and $5 to resend. If you lose your pin, or would like a replacement, please contact us to purchase another. If you lose your patch, or would like a replacement, please contact us to purchase another. 

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