Cicerone Certification Program Knowledge Pre-Test

The Cicerone Program Knowledge Pre-Test is a five-question quiz about the program that you must pass in order to go on to take the Certified Beer Server exam. To pass you must attain a score of 100%. You can attempt this exam as many times as you need to achieve a passing score.

Your access to the Certified Beer Server Exam is locked/hidden until you pass the 5 question Cicerone Certification Program Knowledge Pre-Test with a score of 100%. 

To access the Pre-Test:
  1. Login
  2. Click on your "My Account" Page (found in the upper right hand corner near login).The first white box in the right sidebar reads "Get Started With Your Pre-Req Quiz."
  3. Click "Take Pre Req Quiz"
  4. Click "Start Quiz"
All of the information you need to know to pass this quiz is found on the “What is a Cicerone?” page under “About Us.” 

Once you have passed the Pre-Req Quiz, you will have the option to Take The Certified Beer Server Exam or return to your account. You do not need to take the CBS exam immediately, as the exam does not expire. When you are ready to attempt the CBS exam, you will find the exam in the "Your Stuff" box on the sidebar of your My Account page. 

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