Certified Cicerone® Exam Policies


  • Registration is subject to availability.
  • Registration closes one week prior to the exam date.
  • Registrants must be over age 21 and must have passed the Certified Beer Server Exam.
  • Candidates retaking the written portion of the exam may do so no sooner than six weeks after the exam date. There is no waiting period for tasting exam retakes.
  • Exam fees are non-refundable.


Candidates may postpone their exam pursuant to the following guidelines:

  • More than 1 month from the exam date - no rescheduling fee
  • Less than 1 month before the exam date - a $50 rescheduling fee will be assessed before one may register for another exam
    • The rescheduling fee is $25 for postponement of a partial retake (tasting or written)
  • Neglecting to attend an exam for which one is registered (no show/no call) - a $275 rescheduling fee will be assessed before one may register for another exam
    • In the event one 'no shows/no calls' for an exam retake (full, tasting, or written), the full registration fee is forfeited
  • Candidates must contact Cicerone staff (info@cicerone.org) to arrange postponement and rescheduling
  • Postponement due to injury, illness, or a medical emergency will be considered upon review of a doctor's note
  • Exam rescheduling is subject to availability
  • Exam and rescheduling fees are non-refundable and non-transferable

Exam Accommodations
The Cicerone Certification Program is committed to serving test takers with disabilities, health-related needs or for candidates whose first language is not English by providing services and reasonable accommodations that are appropriate given the purpose of the test.
     All test takers requesting any type of accommodations must email info@cicerone.org and have their accommodations approved before their exam can be scheduled. Your request should be submitted as early as possible, especially if you are requesting an alternate test format.
     Obtaining supporting documentation describing your need for an accommodation from a qualified evaluator may be necessary.
     If we approve your request for accommodations, then you will be able to schedule an accommodated exam. We request that you not register for an exam until you receive our decision regarding your accommodation request.
Accommodations available:
English to Native Language Dictionary
Extended Testing Time:
     50% (Time and one half)
     100% (Double time; documentation required)
Large Print Written Exam (14pt)
Additional rest breaks
Printed copy of spoken directions

Note: Test takers who have health-related needs requiring them to bring equipment, beverages, or snacks into the testing room or to take extra or extended breaks need to follow the accommodations request procedures.
The following activities can disqualify one or more portions of a candidate’s exam score, lead to the temporary dismissal of a candidate from the Certified Cicerone Exam, or result in revocation of the title of Certified Cicerone®:

  • Misrepresentation of identity or age.
  • Use of electronic devices while taking the exam (unless incoming emergency phone calls are cleared with the exam proctor in advance).
  • Talking or otherwise communicating with other candidates during either portion of the exam.
  • Discussing the demonstration question with other candidates before the conclusion of the exam.
  • Any visual contact, intentional or accidental, with the tasting exam preparation.

Exam Cancellation and Postponement
All exams are subject to rescheduling, location changes, or time changes
The Cicerone Certification Program reserves the right to cancel or postpone exams if insufficient registrations are received. In the rare instance the program must cancel or postpone an exam, candidates will be notified a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled exam day. Candidates will either be guaranteed a seat at the next exam scheduled in the region, or their registration will be moved to an alternate exam site. Candidates may consider inquiring with Cicerone program staff about the potential for postponement before booking air travel

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