Certified Cicerone® Exam Schedule

Certified Cicerone® exams are scheduled throughout the US and Canada.

To see all currently confirmed/scheduled upcoming exams- go to the "Exam Schedule". We try our best to get exams on the schedule as far out as possible. We typically get to most big cities or areas of the country 1-2 times a year, however, we schedule exams based on demand. 

To register for an exam- go to the “My Account” page on this website. Look under EXAMS and click on the yellow button the right side that says 'find more exams". You must have passed the Certified Beer Server Exam to register for a Certified Cicerone Exam.

Exam Rescheduling, Timelines, and Fees
  • Candidates may postpone their exam pursuant to the following guidelines:
    • Greater than 1 month from the exam date - no rescheduling fee
    • Less than 1 month before the exam date - a $50 rescheduling fee will be assessed before one may register for another exam
      • The rescheduling fee is $25 for postponement of a partial retake (tasting or written)
    • Neglecting to attend an exam for which one is registered (no show/no call) - a $275 rescheduling fee will be assessed before one may register for another exam
      • In the event one 'no shows/no calls' for an exam retake (full, tasting, or written), the full registration fee is forfeited
    • Candidates must contact Cicerone staff (info@cicerone.org) to arrange postponement and rescheduling
  • Postponement due to injury, illness, or a medical emergency will be considered upon review of a doctor's note
  • Exam rescheduling is subject to availability
  • Exam and rescheduling fees are non-refundable and non-transferable
Hosting an Exam-The Cicerone Certification Program schedules Certified Cicerone® exams based on regional demand. We hold approximately six to twelve exams across the country every month. We do not hold private exams. However, if you have a group of six or more individuals who would like to take the exam and have an available venue, we will work to schedule an exam for your group. We will give priority registration to your group, and then open registration to that exam to the general public at least six weeks before the exam date. If you are interested in scheduling an exam for your group please email sales@cicerone.org.


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