Off-Flavors Study

Certified Cicerone® Candidates will taste 12 beer samples organized into three sets of questions:
  1. Off-flavor Recognition
  2. Style Discrimination
  3. Beer Acceptance
Since familiarization with common beer off-flavors is an important key to success on the Certified Cicerone Tasting Exam, we offer a Off-Flavors Webinar and an in-person Off-Flavors Seminar to help you gain that familiarization.

Our Off-Flavors Kit and Tutored Tasting Webinar contains the six flavor spikes plus a control spike. This creates enough of each spiked beer to serve each of 6, 12, or 24 participants a 2-ounce sample. (Note: you must provide the beer, cups, and other basic resources needed to do the tasting.) Order here.

For the In Person Off-Flavors Seminars, six different common off-flavors will be tasted. You must be of legal drinking age to attend. The cost is $49 per attendee (plus a small service charge). Please note: This seminar is non-transferrable and non-refundable. Most up to date schedule of seminars found here.

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