Managerial Controls

The system will automatically designate the purchaser's account as manager of these one-time use codes (as many as you requested/paid for). The manager can log in to their account at and click on “My Account”. There they will have a “Coupons” tab. When they click on that tab, they will see the coupons they manage, and if they have been redeemed. (Please see downloadable file for further information.)

Click on the “Coupons” tab you will see a report that includes the codes themselves, as well as usage information, including the name of the person who redeemed the code, if used. Unused codes do not have a checkmark or a name in the notes column. 
Click on “Bulk Users” tab to see Certified Beer Server exam score, date attempted- and if BeerSavvy was purchased, see how much of the program (%) has been completed. 



How_to_Make_Group_Purchases_(For_Managers).pdf How_to_Make_Group_Purchases_(For_Managers).pdf

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