I Can't Find Where To Take the CBS Exam

Once you've created an account on cicerone.org you will need to purchase the exam.

Once you've purchased the exam, and you are logged in- click on "My Account" and look on the right side of the page. You'll see a box entitled "Your Stuff"

You should see the Cicerone Certification Program Knowledge Pre-Test. You must pass this exam (must get all 5 of 5 correct, unlimited number of attempts) before you gain access to the Certified Beer Server Exam. When you click on the Cicerone Certification Program Knowledge Pre-Test, it will open in your current window. Click "Start Exam" to begin. Once you have passed the Pre-Test, a link that says "Take the Certified Beer Server Exam" will be below your 100% score.

Note: If you made a purchase on our bulk order page, you purchased a coupon code- not direct access to the exam. The code must then be used to purchase the exam in order to attempt it. 

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