I Cannot Find The Certified Cicerone Retake I Need

When you are logged in to www.cicerone.org- Click 'my account'. This brings you to your My Account homepage. You should see bold words "EXAMS" "COURSES" & "PURCHASE HISTORY". Under "EXAMS" click on the gold button on the right that says "Find More Exams". The first listing is the First time, Certified Cicerone Exam for $395. Immediately underneath the first time full exam are the two Certified Cicerone retake products. Add the appropriate retake(s) to your cart, and proceed through checkout.

Please note: If you're trying to sign up for both a written as well as a tasting retake with a COUPON CODE you will need to purchase each portion of the exam separately. (i.e. add written retake to cart, use code to adjust balance to $0.0, complete that transaction. THEN add tasting retake to cart, use code to adjust balance to $0.0 and complete second transaction.)

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