Advanced Cicerone® FAQ

Q: What are the prerequisites for the Advanced Cicerone® Exam?
A: Registrants must of legal drinking age and have passed the Certified Cicerone Exam.

Q: How much does the Advanced Cicerone® exam cost?
A:  Initial test: $595; Retake tasting: $200; Retake written: $275.
2017 Cost- First-Time/Initial Test: $795; Retake tasting: $250; Retake written: $375.

Q: How do I study for the exam?
A: This is a challenging exam which requires substantial preparation. Use the Advanced Cicerone® Syllabus to guide your preparations. 

Q: What is the format of the exam?
A: Candidates for Advanced Cicerone® will participate in a day-long examination that includes multiple written, oral, and tasting components. The written component will consist of questions in various formats from multiple choice to fill-in-the-blank and essays where extensive knowledge will be tested. An oral examination will be conducted involving hands-on presentation of beer knowledge in various formats. Taste assessments will include a significant range of off flavors, blind assessment of beer styles, and descriptive profiles of multiple beers. 

Q: What is a passing score on the Advanced Cicerone exam?
A: A grade of 80% overall and at least 75% on the tasting portion are required to pass.

Q: When will the Advanced Cicerone Exam be held?
A: 2016 exam dates have been filled. Some 2017 dates have been announced, and are listed below. More dates will be announced by the end of 2016.
  • Tuesday 2/21/17 Chicago, IL -Cicerone Offices
  • Wednesday 2/22/17 Chicago, IL -Cicerone Offices
  • Wednesday 3/08/17 San Diego, CA-SDSU College of Extended Studies
  • Thursday 3/09/17 San Diego, CA-SDSU College of Extended Studies
Q: How do I register for the Advanced Cicerone Exam?
To ensure that all interested parties have an equal opportunity to register, Advanced Cicerone exam registrations will begin with a lottery for the time being. We will announce the lottery period via email to all eligible individuals. Anyone interested in taking the exam should submit their name for the lottery. We will randomly select names from the lottery pool to fill the exam roster. We will continue with random selection until the pool is exhausted to generate a list of alternates for the exam. Any confirmed candidates will be asked to submit payment within one week or forfeit their spot. Alternates will be emailed that day and notified of their alternate number. In the event that a candidate withdraws from the exam, alternates will be notified in order, and asked to submit payment within one week. If the lottery does not fill the exam, then additional registrations will be allowed on a first-come, first-served basis until the exam is full.

Q: How will retakes of the Advanced Cicerone Exam be handled?
A: Individuals who do not pass the written portion of the Advanced Cicerone exam will be allowed to retake the written exam again starting six months after the date of their most recent exam. There is no required waiting period between retakes of the tasting portion of the Advanced Cicerone exam. All portions of the exam must be passed within a three year period.

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