Cicerone Live Courses

Basic Off-Flavor Courses/Seminars

Familiarization with common beer off flavors is an important key to success on the Certified Cicerone Tasting Exam. At each class, six different common off flavors will be tasted. You must be of legal drinking...

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BeerSavvy® Bootcamp

BeerSavvy Bootcamp: A 4-hour Introduction to Beer Styles and Service During this class you will: Learn the difference between taste and flavor Taste different types of malt Smell hops from the US and ...

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Road to Cicerone® Bootcamp

Road to Cicerone® Bootcamp: An Intensive Week of Tasting and Activities for Beer Professionals and Certified Cicerone® Candidates Join this small-group class to boost your knowledge and tasting skills across a...

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