Cicerone Live Courses

Basic Off-Flavor Courses/Seminars

Sensory training for common beer off-flavors. Course covers 3 beer handling off-flavors (LightStruck,Trans-2-Nonenal, Infection) as well as 3 brewing off-flavors (DMS, Diacetyl, and Acetaldehyde) This trainin...

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BeerSavvy® Bootcamp

A 4-hour Introduction to Beer Styles and Service Boost your beer IQ with this fun, interactive class put on by the Cicerone® Certification Program—the leaders in beer service certification and training. DURIN...

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Road to Cicerone® Bootcamp

An Intensive Week of Tasting and Activities for Beer Professionals and Certified Cicerone® Candidates Join this focused, small-group class to boost your beer knowledge and tasting ability. This one-week course...

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