1. Login to your account OR create an account: cicerone.org/user
  2. Confirm your Region and Language are correct (see upper left corner of your browser), then add the Certified Beer Server exam to your cart: cicerone.org/products/certified-beer-server-exam
  3. Proceed to checkout.
  4. Enter the redemption code in the "Coupon Code" field and select "Add Coupon."
    • If the coupon code does not apply correctly please do not proceed with the transaction and check the code for accuracy.
    • If the coupon code was copied and pasted make sure there is not a hidden space at the beginning or end of the code.
    • If after checking the code the exam fees still aren't reduced to $0 then please do not complete the transaction and contact us for assistance: info@cicerone.org.
  5. Once you purchase the Certified Beer Server exam, you must complete the required Cicerone Program Knowledge Pre-Test.
    • Find the pre-test in the 'Your Stuff' section of the ‘My Account’ page.
    • Note: the pre-test is only available once you've purchased the exam.
  6. Once you pass the pre-test, a link to the Certified Beer Server exam will appear on the 'My Account' page.
    • Look for the 'Take Exam' button along right-hand side of the 'My Account' page.
    • Link to the Certified Beer Server exam only appears once the knowledge pre-test has been passed with a score of 100% (see step #5).
  • NOTE: Two exam attempts are included with each redemption. If a team member needs to access their second attempt, a link to retake the exam will be in the "Your Stuff" section of the My Account page. Contact info@cicerone.org with any questions