Q: How many questions are on the Certified Beer Server exam? 
A: 60 multiple choice questions.

Q: How long do you have to answer the questions?
A: Up to 30 minutes.

Q: How much does the Certified Beer Server exam cost?
A: $79 USD for two attempts. Please note: exam fees are non-refundable.

Q: How do I access the Certified Beer Server exam? 
A: Learn more about how to purchase and/or access the exam by clicking here.

Q: How do I study for the exam?
A: People with many backgrounds and learning styles participate in the Cicerone program. As a result, there are a variety of ways to prepare for the exam. In all cases, your first resource should be our free Certified Beer Server syllabus which outlines the content of the exam. (Be sure to access the edition that matches your area of the world or language.) The Cicerone Certification Program also offers a comprehensive online training program called BeerSavvy®️ Online
. We also offer private training for groups. Finally, we maintain a list of books and classes available from other sources which you might use to help you prepare.

Q: What is a passing score on the CBS exam?
A: 75% is a passing score. That means getting 45 out of the 60 questions correct.

Q: What is the pass rate for the CBS exam?
A: Across all approaches studying for the exam, about 80% of people pass the exam on their first attempt. Ultimately, more than 90% of all people who attempt the exam eventually pass.

Q: How do I get a copy of my certificate?
A: To retrieve and print a copy of your Certified Beer Server Certificate go to your account page and under the heading "Exam & Quiz Results" it will say "Certified Beer Server (CBS) Exam" and underneath will be your % score. On the right side of that block is a button that says "Print My Certificate."

Q: How long do you have once you purchase the exam to attempt it?
A: Purchased exam attempts do not expire. You may use them at any time.

Q: What are some typical positions/titles that a Certified Beer Server might hold?
A: Because it is the first level of recognition in the pursuit of higher Cicerone certifications, people in a wide range of positions in the beer industry earn Certified Beer Server, from novice servers to experienced brewery presidents. Anyone involved in handling, serving or selling beer should consider taking the Certified Beer Server exam. Through further study and completion of specialist exams or additional certifications such as Certified Cicerone, those who work with beer can advance their knowledge to match their current—or desired—position in the industry.

Q. What happens if I don't pass the Certified Beer Server exam on my first attempt?
A. If you don't earn a passing score the first time then a second attempt is automatically loaded to your account. The second attempt does not expire and is accessible on your My Account page as soon as you are prepared to move forward. If a third attempt (or more) is required then exam retakes can be purchased by following the instructions on your My Account page.