While some people beginning the Cicerone program may already have the knowledge to pass the Certified Beer Server exam without further study, most people find that they need to prepare for the exam. In order to accommodate many different backgrounds and situations, we offer a range of learning options.
In all cases, your first resource should be the Certified Beer Server syllabus, which outlines all of the content covered by the exam. This resource does not teach you the material, but it will tell you what topics and procedures you need to study.
The three main methods of study include online, self-study, and live classes. The following sections briefly describe these options.
Online: The Cicerone program offers an award-winning eLearning program called BeerSavvy® Online. This allows individuals to study at their own pace and to repeat sections as desired for up to 90 days. Cost per person (including Certified Beer Server exam): $199 USD. More information about BeerSavvy Online here.
Self-Study: Reading and viewing free online resources is the most cost-effective method of preparing for the Certified Beer Server exam. See Resources & Links for a list of recommending reading and links. This page also lists classes and other resources offered by organizations other than the Cicerone Certification Program. Cost per person: $79 USD for the exam, plus the costs of any other materials you purchase.
We also offer a full-day training course for groups of 10 or more students. Managers interested in arranging a training should email info@cicerone.org. The cost of the class and exam for this option is $199 per person, but the hosting organization must also cover travel and beer costs so the full cost usually runs $225 to $299 per person depending on group size and location.