Congratulations! As a Certified Beer Server you have earned the right to use two specific items that no one but a Certified Beer Server can use:
  1. The title
  2. the Certified Beer Server logo
However, even though you have the right to use these items, you must use them correctly to protect the value of the certification and your own right to use them.
TITLEThe correct title for your status is “Certified Beer Server.” Of course when you say it, that’s all you need to say, is “I’m a Certified Beer Server.” But when you write it—or tell others how to write it—there is a guideline that need to be followed:

Always capitalize the words—this is a formal title and and thus should always be capitalized. When talking, the word “Cicerone” may not be used in writing either as a title or as a way to refer to you. THE FULL TITLE OF CERTIFIED BEER SERVER SHOULD ALWAYS BE USED. This refers to text on business cards, websites, social media bios, menus and anywhere else you may market your certification.

LOGO:  Please contact us for a copy of the Certified Beer Server Logo

Conditions for using the logo: 

  1. As with the Certified Beer Server title, the logo must appear in association with your name.
    • If the logo is used on a personal item unique to the certification holder such as your personal business card or email signature, then placement and size are not critical just so long as anyone who sees the logo will recognize it as being associated with your name.
    • If the logo is to be used on something that is not associated solely with you such as a company website, a menu, capabilities brochure, slide presentation given by someone other than you, etc. In these situations, your name must appear adjacent to the logo and in type that is no less than 25% of the height of the logo itself and the overall layout must establish a clear connection between the logo and your name.
  2. The shape, design and color of the logo may not be modified in any way. The only thing you are authorized to do is adjust the size so that it is appropriate for the application where it is being used.