To earn recognition as a Certified Beer Server, one must pass a 60-question online exam administered by Cicerone. Candidates are not required to participate in a specific training course or use Cicerone training materials, the only required purchase is the exam itself.

In order to ensure that the contents of the exam are known to all candidates, we publish a free syllabusThe syllabus identifies each and every topic covered on the Certified Beer Server exam, although it does not provide comprehensive lessons on those topics.

Our recommended first step for any candidate is to review the syllabus and compare it against your own knowledge and experience. Once you've assessed how prepared you are for the exam, you can determine where to focus your time and attention and decide which study resources you'd like to use. Many will find they are already well-prepared for the exam and just need to learn or review select topics, but the only way to find out is to read the syllabus!

For anyone who wants help preparing, we offer a number of study resources offered through various providers presented on our website at the very top under the heading Resources & Links
Many of these resources are free, some are inexpensive, and some are more costly depending on ease-of-use, delivery method, etc. Some of these come from us; some are available from other sources. If you wish to use any of these resources personally or for your staff, that is up to you. You can sort the resources by content type, certification level, and syllabus area.