Exam security was first and foremost as we made the transition to offering the written portion of the Certified and Advanced Cicerone exams online. We did not make the change alone and worked with multiple organizations to evaluate their online examination platforms. We ultimately chose to partner with ProctorFree because it offered superior exam security and allowed us to maintain our existing exam format. All of the questions are the same as you’d see on a paper/in-person written exam.

ProctorFree leverages artificial intelligence technology during the testing process, followed by a human review of the testing session. During the exam, each candidate’s webcam and microphone are active and recording. The program also documents everything on the candidate's screen during the testing session in order to add an additional layer of security.

Academic institutions and professional organizations around the world use this type of technology to ensure exam security.

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@cicerone.org