Certified Cicerone® exams are scheduled frequently around the world. The written portion of the exam is now available online and the tasting/demonstration portion is always administered in-person.

To see all currently confirmed/scheduled upcoming exams visit our Exam Schedule, be sure to select your time zone to see the most relevant options. We try our best to place in-person exams on the schedule with as much advance notice as possible. We typically visit most regions of the United States at least 1-2 times a year, however, we schedule exams based on demand, especially in non-US locations. We typically offer the written portion of the exam online every week.

To register for an exam: Log into your My Account page and navigate to the Exam Schedule. You must pass the Certified Beer Server exam to be eligible to register for a Certified Cicerone exam. If you have questions about registering or the available options please contact us at info@cicerone.org..

Before registering for a Certified Cicerone exam please review the exam policies, terms, and conditions, which you will be asked to acknowledge and accept during the registration process.