Master Cicerone® is the final level of Cicerone recognition. Those who achieve this certification possess encyclopedic knowledge of beer and highly refined tasting ability. Such knowledge generally results from years of thoughtful study and tasting, travel to classic beer producing areas, hands-on experience with beer service, in-depth familiarity with brewing and ingredients and frequent and repeated experience in beer and food pairing. Candidates have not only knowledge but experience and, as a result, an informed and nuanced understanding of the universe of beer flavor.  

Prerequisites - Must have passed the Advanced Cicerone® exam. Candidates for this certification must be of legal drinking age. 

Exam Format & Components - Candidates for Master Cicerone® will participate in a two-day examination that includes multiple written, oral and tasting components. The written component will consist of essay questions where candidates demonstrate the depth and breadth of their knowledge in each portion of the Master Syllabus.  Oral examinations will be conducted by industry experts and often involve hands-on demonstrations of knowledge. Taste assessments will include a broad range of off flavors, blind assessment of beer styles and advanced assessment of beer acceptance. Overall, a grade of 85% or better is required to pass the Master Cicerone exam.  

Exam Cost - Initial Test: $995; Retake: $796 

Knowledge Area Responsibilities - Candidates for Master Cicerone® certification must demonstrate encyclopedic knowledge of all issues related to brewing, beer and beer service. The full Master Cicerone® Syllabus is your guide to preparation.  All of the resources recommended for the Certified Cicerone® and Advanced Cicerone® exams should be considered in your preparation for the Master exam. In-depth theoretical and hands-on knowledge of draft systems is required. Mastery of beer styles is expected. Tasting of a wide range of beers and styles is a must. Travel to classic beer producing areas in Europe can be highly beneficial.  Brewing beer alone or with partners can help to ensure thorough knowledge of the brewing process. Daily beer and food pairing experience will help. Throughout the exam, candidates will be  expected to describe beer (and food) flavors using concrete and specific terms that accurately cover the the full spectrum of flavor.

Exam Policies - You can view the Master Cicerone® exam policies at