No, they can not. Cicerone® is a registered trademark and can only be used by authorized individuals who have earned the respective title.

 It is not appropriate to refer to an individual simply as a “cicerone.”=

The titles “Certified Cicerone®”, "Advanced Cicerone®", & “Master Cicerone®” should always appear in association with the name of an individual who has earned the appropriate certification. The word “cicerone” should also never be used as an adjective (ie “Cicerone Certified Staff”).

BAD EXAMPLE: cicerone Georgia Smith

GOOD EXAMPLE: Certified Cicerone® Georgia Smith

  • Always capitalize both words—this is a formal title and a registered trademark and thus should always be capitalized. 

  • Include the ® at the end of the second word.

How to make the Registered Trademark symbol:

  • On a PC-Hold down the ALT key and type 0174
  • On a Mac-Hold down the ALT/OPTION key and press the “r“.


Please see our "Titles, Trademarks, and Proper Use" page for more information.


How Do I Check To See If Someone Is Certified (at any level)? To check anyone's status in our program please check our directory.