We verify customer billing information with the bank/credit card-issuer to protect our customers against fraud. If any of the billing information (commonly street address or zip code) provided with the order does not exactly match what's one file with your bank then the purchase may not be completed. Often the credit card issuer or bank will approve the transaction and hold the funds, but if there is a billing information discrepancy then our payment gateway will not authorize the transaction. In this situation the bank will hold the funds in your account for up to 2-3 business days before releasing the hold.

If we decline the transaction due to a billing information discrepancy we encourage you to confirm all of the details with your bank first before attempting the transaction again. We cannot override fraud prevention measures, again these are in place to protect our customers against fraud. A declined charge that results in a temporarily hold of your funds at the bank cannot be released by Cicerone, most banks automatically release the funds within 2-3 business days.